Are Catholics Christians?


sanfran asked this question on 7/10/2000:

Are Catholics REALLY Christians? If so why is a Catholic likely to say they are Catholic where the average Christian will say they are Christian? I am a Catholic so I know how I would answer, but I am curious what other people think.



mscperu gave this response on 7/12/2000:


I like this type of questions because they clear up the air because many a discussion would be more fruitful if the meanings were clear.

Take your question:

Technically all Catholics are Christians but not all Christians are catholics.

The answers you received show the various acceptances of the terms.

In Peru the majority is catholic so when they say "I'm a catholic" they imply the Christian element. But our evangelistic friends say "I am Christian" and mean "I am not a catholic".

So it is really a question of the different situations.

That is why I suggested that the experts on the Catholicism board identify themselves as RC or as an other denomination when they answer. It helps to know where the answer comes from.

A suggestion:

Why don't you publish this question on the Christianism board: "Are the Roman Catholics Christians?"

I think you will get some really interesting answers.

God bless you





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