Catholicism the true religion?

jose_90501 asked this question on 5/31/2000:

Without pointing out the errors of other denominations, religions, or non-religions can you explain to me why your way of interpreting the Bible is correct? In other words, what is it that makes your denomination the true religion of the world?



mscperu gave this response on 6/3/2000:

Dear José 90501:

The joy of the risen Lord be in your heart.

The answers that refer to the uninterrupted tradition of the Catholic Church are right to the point. This guarantee is not only a historical guarantee. For us the Pope and the Bishops speak in the name of the Lord today. So when a catholic does not accept the teaching of the Pope and the Bishops he puts himself outside the Church.

I would like to add: The interpretation has to be correct for every individual. It is not an rational exercise like understanding something. It is the Word of God that wants to give you life eternal. The correct interpretation sustained by the teaching of the Church has to be in faith and prayer.


The faith of Roman Catholic Church is not a religion in the way that others are. It is "the way", el Camino, as the apostles say in the Acts. It is the way the Son of God came to mankind and it is the way mankind are brought to God by the Son of God. That is the solemnity we celebrate tomorrow: the Ascension of the Lord.



All religions are true in the sense that they reflect the sincere search of mankind of God. As the beginning of the epistle of Paul to the Romans explains, all have the capacity to discover God through His creation.

But once God spoke through His Word from then on this is the way He wants to encounter men.

Finally the Church has defined some basic signs of herself:

The Church is




and catholic.

God bless you






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