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mazza23 asked this question on 8/28/2000:

The Roman Catholic church just needs to change a few things and then it will be a really good church. Here they are:

1) allow people to decide for themselves on the issue of birth control

2) stop prayer to Mary and the saints

3) abolish papal infallibility

4) abolish indulgences

5) abolish the sacrifice of the mass

6) change transubstantiation to consubstantiation

7) give communion under both forms

8) allow priests to marry

9) allow women to be priests

10) abolish the Assumption

11) abolish the Immaculate Conception

12) abolish purgatory

13) teach justication by grace through faith

14) teach the priesthood of all believers

15) make the Bible the final authority in matters of faith and practice

16)let people decide if they want to confess their sins to a priest

17) stop calling priests "father"

18) reduce the sacraments to two: communion and baptism

19) abolish limbo

20) abolish annulments

20 changes is all you need to make! Not bad! Do that and you'll benefit in the long run. Trust me. By listening to God's word, only good things will happen. I'm not saying that purgatory definitely doesn't exist, that the Immaculate Conception is not true, etc; I'm just saying that if it's not in the Bible, there's no reason to make it a part of church doctrine. Just stick to what's in the Bible. Unwritten tradition should never be an excuse to proclaim a doctrine that has no basis in the Bible whatsoever.



mscperu gave this response on 8/29/2000:


I would like to answer you directly.

So I will offer you a metaphore:

So many are hungry.

Let us change the world for better.

You too should go hungry!

That's the solution.



PS. This is no irony. It's taking seriously your kind of argumentation. And read the post regarding Tradition. The Sola Scriptura doesn't work1





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