Why not change the Dogmas?


Arokh asked this question on 12/5/2000:

Why is Catholic dogma so strict compared to other religions? And please no "because it's in the bible" type answers.


photogal gave this response on 12/5/2000:

Because in Catholic dogma, Truth has been passed down from Jesus Himself, Who never changes and Who never equivocates.


Arokh rated this answer:  

A typical religious answer which 1) I do not agree with 2) already understand and 3) don’t want.



Imagine someone asks you:

"I want you to stand up but please don't use your legs!"

What would be the reason of such an unreasonable question-request? Perhaps you have forgotten to specify some details that would make your request reasonable for someone who has not the intelligence you seem to expect.

What is the right conclusion: Your question is a) flawed or b) incomplete or c) difficult to interpret for minds not so enlightened? Please enlighten me.

And if you want answers without the light of faith you will remain only in the "praeambula fidei" the preconditions. Coming from that level you will get only answers that will show you that is it not unreasonable to believe. But I'm jumping perhaps through a loop that isn't there. First the enlightening and then we will see where to jump, right?

In doubts if I can use my legs…



PS. You should take the answer from stthomas888 cum grano salis. Sweeping generalizations like that are easy to make but historically unsustainable. Ask him what the Ecumenical Councils did if not "nailing down every (¿?) truth" that was under attack at that time. Or doesn't he accept these Councils?



You seem to be reading to much into my little query. I grew up as Anglican (though am no longer a Christian...or atheist), which does not seem to be as strict on dogma as Catholicism is. One can perform birth control for example, which seems to be missing in Catholic dogma. Also the faithful answers I know and understand, it is from the non faith position answers that I am interested, simply since any person can use a faith answer to a religious question.



Thank you for your enlightenment. I can understand now in what direction you are steering. It's generally some definite tenet that causes problems in those who are not Catholics.

But the problem remains. Because you can't harvest pears from a prune tree. Let me explain.

I presume that you are in favor of any type of birth control and you want to know why the Church is not in favor of it. Catering to your taste I could argue that all chemical, mechanical or surgical intervention in the human body have produced negative effects. Those who take the pills are more prone to cancer. You can answer that the conception of unwanted children is worse. This debate could move only on the level of factual arguments. This is better. No! that is better.

Now the Church is not an investigating organization that tries to find out better viable solutions on the basis of experimenting. Agreed?

What is the finality of the Church? It consists in transmitting the salvation brought to humanity through Christ. Morals are not a utility to find life eternal. It is only one of the conditions. That's why dogma can't be changed when it's God's will or revelation.

You don't like it or accept it? God created you as a free being. You can say no to your Creator. Or you can say he doesn't exist. Does that change anything? Truth is truth. Someone said: "I'm the way, the truth and life". You tell Him that He is wrong.

Now, many say that the Church is inventing things. Boy, you should study "paradosis", the meticulous transmission of doctrine from the beginning. Then we will talk again.





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