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Anonymous asked this question on 6/24/2000:

I am catholic; however I have developed a rather strange theory about God, and would like to hear your opinion about compatibility with Catholicism.

1. Mankind is a 4 dimensional animal, trying to stretch as much as possible along all axis: X, Y, Z, & T

a) X,Y, & Z imply that it wants cover all what we know as space.

b) T implies that it wants to stretch along the Time axis, refusing to become an extinct breed, somewhere in the distant future.

2. - Mankind, at that point so far away in the future, along the Time axis., has learned to juggle with past events to modify its own future.

3.- Carta Magna, and some other important manifestations, come from future Mankind, as ways to save themselves from extinction.

4. - Therefore, they create future life, and are the creators of Future Mankind, therefore God is there.

Sorry, I know this is a little disturbing; I am a lot disturbed too.



May the joy of the Lord be in your heart.

Some twenty years ago a visited a place south of Lima - Peru called Ica. The central place sported a museum. They had a collection of rocks engraved with persons and strange instruments.

Somewhat more south are the signs of Nazca, large designs visible from space. You hire a plane to look at them from above.

All this combined was interpreted as a space dome. The engraved rocks, the designs from Nazca, the wall of Cuzco where enormous stones are fitted together so tightly that they cannot even contain cement, was explained as signs from outer space. These superior beings come and go at will.

We do not need a formula like yours, we have proofs!

Sir, do you know what is it all about? Dominance. You have the explanation, you are on top of the world, you are in the know so you have more power than the others and you have power over God because He becomes a pocket edition.

Brother, nobody can prove that God exists. You can prove that it is reasonable to believe in Him but you cannot prove and oblige anybody to believe. Thank God. We wouldn't be free and God could only have slaves but no children.

Where comes our certainty from for those who believe? To those who receive the gift of faith God gives them the inner assurance that He is and loves and saves.

May I venture a theory too? You have never had the real experience of God or Christ or the Holy Ghost. You don't know Him in the biblical sense.

At the same time you are searching. But not in the right direction. Do you want to meet Him?

I propose something: Let us make together a novena, i.e. nine days of prayer for a special intention. You and I before going to bed - the quiet permits a better praying - get down to our knees and we say to God: "Lord, anonymous does not know you. He needs formulas. Please reveal Yourself to him. Amen". Nine days and God will help you.

So I am waiting for your answer if you will do it. It is dangerous, I agree, because God will change your life. But, I assure you; it will be a better one.

God bless you

in Corde Jesu



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 Your answer scared me.

It sounds like you are ready to crucify whoever demonstrates that God exists.

Mhhhh, I has happened in the past.

No, I don´t feel that:

a) "I have the explanation", b) "I am at the top of the world",

c) "I don´t feel that I have more power than the others because I am `in the know´."

d) You even say that "...and you (me) have power over God because He becomes a pocket edition".

Well, at least may soul can still hurt. Those remarks did hurt me.

Rather I feel scared, humble and needing reassurance badly.

I don´t have a "formula", if I had it I would go crazy... can´t concieve how any brain could hold such a formula and its concepts....

Just imagine.... The cosmic vision would drive you crazy.

I have done my novenas in my times (I am 62), at a Lasallista High Sch. However it is a good idea, I will try it next Easter. I will try 40 days. It is important.

God bless you

in Corde Jesu

Dagoberto Flores

Ex Lasallist & Jesuit Student

And quite scared Thinker.




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