Freedom to choose between good and bad


Faile47 asked this question on 6/20/2000:
Just a quick addition to my earlier response. If we didn't have free will and the ability to choose between good and evil, wouldn't we be mindless puppets? Don't you think God would be bored? theres no challenge there if every obeys mindlessly and thoughtlessly, like insects in the hive. Don't you think Hes an artist? I see His Art in all the colors, the flowers, the shapes of leaves, stones, wood. The ocean. Doesn't it make your heart swell with love and gratitude at what he's created? I'm sorry, but it's so hard to contain my feelings of love and gratitude for all He's given us.



Please tell me, the angels in heaven are free or not? I don't think that they can sin anymore. The most current explanation is that at some moment they did'nt see God and had some kind of possibility to chose between God and themselves. Consequence: the devil, he chose himself and had to be expelled from heaven.

If free will consists in chosing between good and bad then God has never been free. The Virgin Mary has not been free. The saints in heaven are not free, they are mindless, thoughtless? (I couldn't resist it!)

Sure, sin is the consquence of free will but so is chosing between good and better, praising aloud or contemplating silently, writing or praying. I would take gladly this type of freedom if God let me chose between liberty to sin or liberty that permits to chose only between good things.







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