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hello I am a convert to Catholicism... I am ill...I suffer from mental problems which also cause that of the physical....my first choice for healing would be from a priest or a healer of the faith of some sort but I don’t know of this...do you?.. I refuse to take the man made chemical drugs that cause more bad then good...can you tell me the church stance on acupuncture and other forms of natural and eastern med thanks



The hope of the Lord be in your heart.

Answering your question regarding your first choice about "priests and healers of faith" you are in luck. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith "INSTRUCTION ON PRAYERS FOR HEALING"

You will find this important document at


Regarding your stance of reneging manmade chemical drugs, I think it's your choice. Your obligation is to use any reasonable mean to gain a cure. You are under no obligation de use extraordinary ones.

Regarding ACUPUNCTURE AND OTHER FORMS OF NATURAL AND EASTERN MEDICATION there is no "caveat". However, they should be used always without superstitious and pseudo-religious rituals that are used many times by those who practice this type of medication.

I pray that the Lord may guide you so you can get help for your problems.







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