Why don’t the Catholics obey Scripture?


seekgreatiam asked this question on 8/18/2000:

Why don’t the Catholics obey Scripture?



mscperu gave this response on 8/18/2000:


The joy of the Lord be in your heart.

Thanks for obeying the Lord.

Will you give me permission to argue in the same way you do?

Here it goes?

You too should accomplish the whole Scripture:

Are you circumcised?

Do you shun pig?

Do you use different plates for milk and roast?

Do you consume animals that have no parted feet?

Do you avoid walking more than 1000 steps at Sabbath as an expression of your faith?

No exceptions, please. Who gave you permission not to obey?


These are only a few questions. If you want I can multiply them. But as you understand this kind of questions are moot! Why? Because it’s taking a verse and throwing it in the face of your brother who tries to accomplish the will of God. Has it occurred to you that this same brother has serious reasons not to act as you think he should? Why don’t first ask for his reasons?

Now regarding that

"God did command a few to do so for the ark and I believe Solomon did, but we are not to compare ourselves to them. Doing this the Catholic church seems to be placing themselves above Gods word and therefore making their commandments of man above the lord"

may I suggest that you are seriously misinformed, my dear Southern Baptist friend. Your wife hasn’t brought you up to date regarding Catholic faith. You should ask her first before supposing Catholics’ putting themselves above God’s Word.

There is a question "Tradition and Scripture" on the board. Why don’t you read that first before posting? Perhaps your questions (or suppositions) will be more knowledgeable. It’s easy to describe wrongs and attacking them. But what if they don’t exist?



PS. More to be continued in a couple days. Stay tuned.




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