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duvalliere asked this question on 6/10/2000:

I would like to know if any of you have had personal experience with the shekina glory, not anointing in the Holy Spirit per say but total submission to union with Jesus, Shekina Glory, God at one with Him. How long did it last? How did you experience that power?



mscperu gave this response on 6/12/2000:


May I direct your attention to the works of John of the Cross (Juan de la Cruz) whom the Catholic Church has declared "doctor of the Church" approving for instance his doctrine about the states you are asking about. He is an expert.

His advice is: do not seek nor accept this kind of experience because there is too much possibility of self-deception. You can go in a very wrong direction. His stance earned him the title of "doctor - no".

They asked him: "But if the experience comes directly from God?" His answer: "God will not be offended and He will find a way to make you understand that it is Him".

So be cautious not curious.

If you read the other two answers you will find that their experience takes place in midst terrible suffering. There is no Easter without Calvary.

God bless you

in Corde Jesu


Missionary of the Sacred Heart.






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