Talmud about Christians


larsosamuelsson asked this question on 6/20/2000:
Good Evening !
I would like to ask if it is true that the Jewish Talmud include sharp attacks against Christianity and even far reaching insulting statements about Jesus Christ.
I also wonder how these statements should be interpreted and how it in your view effect the relations between Christians and Jews. I will be very thankful for your answer.
Yours, Lars



mscperu gave this response on 6/22/2000:

Thank you for your confidence I do not have.
Pardon me for answering only now. I looked around at my books but I did not find what you want, citations and so on.


But I remember that the Sh'mone Ezre has an "imprecation" against the minnim, interpreted as Christians and that the rabbis have some very nasty stories about the birth of Christ.

I think these are expressions of their time and have only historic interest.

You should only look at the recent visit of John Paul II in Israel, what he said about the shoa and read his words then you will see that these things mentioned are past history without influence today.

Remember that at the insistence of the Pope there has been organized a commitee with Muslim, Jewish and Christian members in order to study the possibilities of peace and cooperation between these denominations.

That is all I have at the moment






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