Wicca coven: Catholicism hurts


Anonymous asked this question on 6/23/2000:

and I wish to break any ties with the roman catholic church...

My question is? I know because of my beliefs I can excommunicated (I am a heretic). I volunteered at a teen birth control center at my school, etc etc etc....

But who do I write to be excommunicated? My church, the pope? And an address would be great too...


A nony mouse

p.s: Please no posts on trying to convert me or anything like that. No flames please....I just need an address and info.....



mscperu gave this response on 6/23/2000:

Greetings Anonymous:

As you see in the other posts you do not need to do anything. If you have been member of a parish and your name is in the archives you ask to be eliminated and they will consign you to the anonymity.

Furthermore just try to stop being what you are. With time and patience you will almost get there. But only almost. Because baptism has marked your being with the characteristics of Jesus Christ. It will need hard work to eliminate all traces of Communions, Confessions, Confirmation, and teachings. Some marks are indelible.

But so sorry, you will go on being a brother of mine who is a Catholic. Even if you obliterate all vestige of your ties to the Church. I can’t help you there. You will just have to bear up.

Can I ask you a last favor? Could you briefly explain why you wish to break any ties with the Roman Catholic Church? Something happened. It sounds like the end of a torrid romance. It hurts most when you have had strong ties. When the affair just dries up there is no necessity to proclaim to the world that you break it up, does it? It is finished. So why stir the dust? So what happened that you want even to be thrown out by excommunication?

It would help me if you tell briefly the reasons of your breaking up. Why? I don't like it when people give up. Martin Luther gave up and founded his own church. From then on we are squabbling with our Lutheran brothers. With you telling us perhaps next time the breaking up could be avoided. Thank you.




PD. You won't mind if I pray for you? It doesn't hurt. And it could help, who knows?


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 I have been a member of a Wicca coven for 10 years now. My father is a freemanson/Rosacrucian. I was only baptized because my mother did it without my father's permission. I have never been fond with the teaching of god and the intolerance of the church and the hypocrisy of the pope sickens me. (You know, wearing gold rings while lil kids die of diseases, not teaching women of birth control in countries where they cannot feed their own ones)

For ten ears I have found a set of beliefs that fit my own. I do not have to believe I WAS born a sinner. Newborns shouldn’t be known as sinners, but Christianity and Catholicism makes it seem like that. I don’t agree of all the money the church asked my mother to donate so they can buy gourmet foods every day. The only person worth my time is mother Teresa...she was the only example...



mscperu gave this follow-up answer on 6/24/2000:

Thank you for sharing your reasons.

Has somebody catholic hurt you? Please, forgive us.




Anonymous asked this follow-up question on 6/24/2000:

No. My reasons have been explained already. I have a new set of beliefs that make more sense than hitting my chest and asking for forgiveness to a guy in a cross...



mscperu declined to answer on 6/24/2000:

I hope you are happy.

But you will have a liver problem.

You boil over when you think about the Catholic Church.

Something hurts there. Taking trips with an astral body is being a fugitive from reality. As for being a sinner, the Good Book says: Even the saint fall seven times a day and stand up again.

So farewell you saint...




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