Adopt a Seminarian and help him. The MSC Seminary of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart needs your donations in order to cover the expenditures and costs of the Seminarian's spiritual and academic formation. (englsh)


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They need where to live

Needs for  solemn celebrations

Study and class fees, books, etc

Young people need three square meals a day

They need to be healthy and compensate the intellectual stress


Your Donation contributes to the Education of new Missioneries of the Sacred Heart so that they may be witness of the Love of God in midst a world of violence and  self-interest.


Adopt a  Seminarian

Hello. I'm the Director of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart's Seminary in Peru. Thanks to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, God continues sending us every year new vocations, young men ready to leave behind family and everything else in order to follow Christ and to become witness of the Love of God in this world. I entreat you: Please, support them. The Lord will bless your generosity.

The majority of these young men’s families is 0poor and cannot pay the expenditure of room, liturgy, study fees, board, transportation, medicine. (More information) That is why we recur to your kindness and generosity.  If you help us we will pray every day for you and your loved ones. That's how we prove our gratitude.

P. Timoteo Solózano msc, rector del seminario MSC

 How can you help?

·         Adopt a Seminarian MSC and take care of his economic needs on a yearly o monthly basis. If your possibilities do not allow that you may disburse part of it. You assume a fraction of the fees.  They will personally pray every day for you and your family.

     Make now a donation  by credit card safely.

·         Write a cheque or money order for "Missionaries of the Sacred Heart” and send it to the following address.

·         Make a "Help-Box" so you can gather the donations of your family members for the Seminary. Get rid of the pesky coins that deform the elegance of your clothes.

·         Instruct your Bank to transfer a donation (every month, trimester, semester, year) to the savings account of the Seminary  Peru. USA, Germany

·         Inscribe your name in the roaster of the benefactors offering a contribution

·         Become a member of the "Little Work"

·         Inscribe your company in the distinguished list of the  "Donor Companies"

·         Help us with suggestions where we can ask for economic help supported by your recommendation

·         Call us by phone (0051-1-556 0171) in order to arrange the transfer of you donations

·         Send us a Fax (0051-1-4403596) in order to arrange the transfer of you donations

·         Send us an e-mail to "Web-Hermanos" (footbar) order to arrange the transfer of your donations

·         Make a donation in remembrance of a person who is/was important to you. The name will appear on the page "In Memoriam" and the seminarians will pray for this person

·         Make a safe donation on-line with your credit-card

·         You can donate also objects (food, appliances, books, cloths, computers...,etc.)

     Visit this moment our Seminary in Lima Peru.




If you can spare a minute, please, click on the following link:
 We have made a donation

God will recompense you. He'll bless you hundredfold. Every day we offer the following prayer for our benefactors.