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Anonymous asked this question on 10/17/2000:

is it true that all catholic experts are cuddly (except mr lida) i used to think that he was very cuddly


mscperu gave this response on 10/17/2000:


Please, anonymous, this kind of question makes me shudder, it gives me goose pimples.

If this is a necessary quality of the experts then I would rather quit.

Please, don't let us play affective games and stroke each other and telling each other how wonderfull we are.

If you want an affectionate answer by whom it might ever be please talk to him-her privately.

Thank you



mscperu gave this follow-up answer on 10/18/2000:

Sorry, instead of bashing you I should have tried to help.

So here are some pages on where you can get expert help:

Body Art





Family & People

Paranormal Phenomena

Pets & Animals




Anonymous asked this follow-up question on 10/18/2000:

 Sorry Father you have very definitely misconstrued the intention behind the question.

I asked the question quite deliberately and just look at some of the answers, Look at the charity a simple question elicited, the experts took it in good part and I am very pleased they did. Look at the story from the expert with the dying friend, that gave me a lump in my throat. I also received a beautiful reply from a priest. I am truly sorry that you have taken such a serious view of a simple question. The Catholic Church has always been a church with a sense of humour that is one of the reasons I love it so, Tell me Father dont you ever smile, dont you ever joke? I am more than happy that the experts came up trumps everyone of them, You may be unaware that a number of experts have been seriously considering leaving the board due to the type of questions that have been recieved. I have seen more than one complaint from you and several appeals for support, The experts never let you down did they? nor did I, they gave their support 100% I am sorry that I cannot accept your above offers of help. I prefer to rely on Almighty God and the experts on the board.

May God Love You





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