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Missionaries of the Sacred Heart / Peru
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We are members of a Catholic Religious Society founded by Father Jules Chevalier. God entrusted him with the Mission of announcing to all and sunder the love of the Son of God incarnated in the Sacred Heart, God's loving answer to the "maux modernes", the sicknesses that affect our modern society: indifference, individualism, permissivism and relativism. Together with all the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart witnessing in four continents the Charisma of our Founder we want to tell you where you can find real happiness. Forgive our inexpert use or abuse of the English language - we don't have the gift of tongs -. But we think that even inadequately the world should be offered the opportunity to recieve this life-giving message.

Our Founder didn't limit this Charisma to the three religious Societies. He envisages a way so that diocesan priests and lay people might share the MSC-Charisma being MSC - Associates. Even thousands of miles apart we can share the spirituality of our Founder, Father Jules Chevalier msc and enjoy the benefits. You too  can be a MSC, a Missionary of the Sacred Heart.

We can pray together for world peace and for the conversion of all those known and unknown to us. We can grow together in the Spirit of His Heart. And together we can witness that God loves His children.

When ouf Founder visited the saintly priest of Ars, Jean Marie Vianney, the visionary parrish priest  told him that in this new religious Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart  the blessed Virgen Mary would further all endeavor and effort.

Father Jules Chevalier also gave the Catholic Church the gift of a special devotion regarding the Mother of God. He called her "Our Lady of the Sacred Heart". Under her protection we undertake this project of these pages you are looking at.

Read about those who heard the preaching of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Papua New Guinea.

Fight with us against hipocresy, war and killing.
Read Tony's story: 40 days in a Monastery.
For every day you can have a quote of the day, a description what happened in history on that day, a dictionary word, an article of the day, birthday of someone famous. Go and look at it,


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